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ZOKU Social Media Kit - ZK112

by Zoku
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Now your pops can be just as social as you are. Use Zoku????s letters, numbers and symbols to create fun text messages, emoticons, abbreviations, ????likes?????®, names and more! Use with any size Zoku Quick Pop Maker, share with your BFFs and watch your pops go viral.


Product Details

Includes:???49 Stencils, 1 Pusher Tool, 1 Face Plate, 1 Stand, and Storage Case
Care:???Hand Wash
Capacity:???The unit can make up to 6 pops before refreezing the unit again.
Dimensions:???6.6?????® x 4.75?????® x 2.15?????®

BPA and phthlatate free.

How To

1. Remove stencils and cut fruit
2. Extract cut outs with pusher tool and apply to the face plate in your creation
3. Place the frozen Quick Pop Maker on the stand and insert face place
4. Press the face plate up against the top side of the mold and hold for 15-30 seconds
5. Remove face plate and pour in juice to freeze