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Zoku Single Quick Pop Maker - ZK110

by Zoku
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RM 89.00
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No sharing required! The Zoku Single makes the same delicious pops you????ve come to expect from your Quick Pop Maker, and in as little as seven minutes! Each maker can freeze up to three pops before returning it to your freezer. Pick your favorite color and your favorite recipe, this Zoku Single is all about you.

Product Details

Includes:???3 Sticks, 3 Drip Guards, 1 Single Quick Pop Maker, and 1 Super Tool
Care:???Hand Wash
Capacity:???The unit can make up to 3???pops before refreezing the unit again.
Dimensions:???4.1?????® x 4.5?????® x 4.75?????®

BPA and phthalate???free.

How To

1. Freeze inner core for 8+ hours
2. Pour in chilled beverage up to the fill line
3. Scrape the wall of the cup with the included spoon to remove ice from wall
4. Stir and watch it freeze!