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VAGO Travel Compressor

RM 259.00
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VAGO Best travel tool.Give you more than 50% luggage space!

VAGO can compress the soft stuffs automatically and get extra space for luggage. All you have to do is plug-in and power on.

With one handy little device, you can shrink your soft items such as clothes and towels into a vacuum package, whether it's to seperate the dirty from the clean, to free up space in your luggage or, if you're really going for it, maybe even fit your bits into a smaller bag. VAGO's smart sensor automatically stops, when the vacuuming is done, and is easily powered via a micro USB charging port, after using it once, you will never travel without it!

Traveling is more and more popular today and people do enjoy different cultures and embrace pleasant surprises during the journeys. From shopping-frenzy city to scenic sightseeing, what every traveler will do in common is to bring back as many souvenirs as they can. Owing to the size limit of the baggage, how to bring more back?

We, as travel nerds, have come up with an innovative magic tool - VAGO

VAGO is a small device you can easily carry-on during the travel. It can compress the clothes automatically. Therefore,it creates extra space within your baggage.

We believe VAGO can create a whole new experience as an essential travel tool.

According to our research, clothes, bags and other soft materials use most of the space in your luggage. However, most volume of these materials are mostly occupied by air. In other words, we take a bunch of air during traveling! Smart VAGO using vacuum compressor to take air out from your clothes and gain more space for you.

The operation of VAGO is very simple. All you need to do is?

Travel is fun, but you will surely carry the smelly clothes you wore during the trip. VAGO can solve this annoying problem, keeping them in a vacuum and away from odor and bacteria.

VAGO is very tiny and easily portable,with only 70 mm in length and 85 grams in weight. It is easy to carry on during your trip.(Just like the size of an egg)

VAGO has a smart sensor to detect pressure and is able to automatically stop after full compression, saving your time and energy.

VAGO can be powered by micro-USB cable and adapter or the mobile power pack.It can also vacuum your bag on the go. We believe it's convenient for a shopaholic to buy more.

You can use the same cable with your smartphone for recharge VAGO, this can be good to the environment without using any batterys and you do not have to carry extra cable.

At the beginning of VAGO, we interviewed a large number of travelers and found out that everyone interested in creating extra space in their luggage. Considering the environment and social responsibility, we developed VAGO as a single device instead of making a new type of luggage. It took more than a year from prototype to what we have now. Sizing down the vacuum pump was the toughest part, and we cooperated with pump vendor to design an entirely new material only for VAGO. We are approaching multiple luggage makers via many channels and going for the mass production with best quality. Everyone's support Will greatly encourage us,big thanks!


Package Detail:

1 x Vago Travel Compressor

1 x M Size Vacuum Bag???