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SwitchEasy Paperlike Drawing Screen Protector for Apple iPad Series

RM 99.00
SKU 4895241104190


*Writing and drawing feeling close to real pencil and paper.

* Preventing fingerprint, smudges and water drop.

* Highly responsive.

* Bubble-free and easy to apply it on in seconds.

For Creators

Ignite your love of drawing and writing on the iPad just like doing it on paper.

Draw, Sketch, Write Just Like on Paper

Perfect control for every detail, for serious sketchers and creators.

Feel the Friction

Unlike normal screen protectors, SwitchEasy SwitchPaper closely matches the feel of writing on regular paper with a real pencil.

HD Clear and Anti-Glare

Anti-glare finish, SwitchPaper enhances your viewing experience.

0.15mm Ultra Thin

Thinner than a piece of A4 paper.

Bubble-Free and Easy to Apply

Premium material from Japan, provides decent oil, water, and fingerprint resistance.