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SwitchEasy Glass Defender Anti-Blue Light Screen Protector compatible for iPad 10.9 (10gen - 2022)

RM 119.00
SKU 4895241113031

Using screen devices for an extended period of time is detrimental to your eyes. The harmful bluelight causes eye fatigue and inflammation. Using an anti-bluelight screen protector relieves strain and reduces damage to your eyes. SwitchEasy’s latest screen protector preserves original screen clarity and filters out harmful bluelight at the same time. Protect your iPad and your eyes at the same time.

- Filter harmful Blue-Light Approved by SGS, blocking out up to 49% of harmful bluelight.

- Preserves Original Clarity High transparency preserves accurate color of your iPad.

- Ultra Thin Only 0.33mm, seamless fit to your device, like it is not there.

- Relief From Annoying Stains Water-proof and stain-resistant coating keeping the surface clean.

- Easy to apply No bubbles after applying. No residue when removed.

- Upgrade your choice, Upgrade your life Use together with SwitchPaper. Protect and be creative on your iPad.