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SwitchEasy Glass Defender Anti-Blue Light Screen Protector compatible for iPad 10.2 (2021-2019)

RM 119.00
SKU 4895241106026

Why Anti-Blue Light?

Modern screen devices emit large amounts of blue light. Blue light, especially the one between 420-460 wavelengths, is a harmful high-energy light proven by medical researchers to cause eye disease. Using screen devices for an extended period of time can cause eyes fatigue and chronic inflammation. Using anti-blue light filters can reduce this health problem from happening.

Filter Harmful Blue Light

Approved by SGS, blocking out up to 49% of harmful blue light, relieving computer eyestrain. (380nm - 450nm)

Zero Color Distortion

High transparency preserves the original display of your iPad.

Superior Hardness

9H Tempered Glass, extremely scratch-resistant.

Ultra Thin

Only 0.33mm, seamless fit with your device.

Easy to Apply

No bubbles after applying. No residue when removed.

Relief From Annoying Stains

Waterproof and stain-resistant coating keeping the surface clean.

Upgrade Your Choice, Upgrade Your Life

Use together with SwitchPaper. Protect and be creative on your iPad.