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SwitchEasy EasyProtector Magnetic Privacy Screen Protector compatible for MacBook Air/Pro 13"

RM 259.00
SKU 4897094568150

Privacy and confidentiality are essential necessities to people in modern life.  Using notebooks is super difficult to keep your privacy when in public places, like a coffee shop, the office, during commuting, etc. EasyProtector provides an exceptional solution! High transparent and private design gives you a premium viewing experience, and also blocks out your screen from unwanted eyes.  The thickness of privacy film is only 0.34mm, friendly and perfect screen-fits for the MacBook. The frame is applying special adhesive, residue-free after removal, and your privacy is fully protected and safe!

- Privacy Fully Protected and Safe60° screen viewing angle, only your eyes can see.

- Super Clear Brilliant transparency, super clear. Give you a premium viewing experience.

- Anti-blue Light, and Protect Your Eyes Reduce the amount of harsh blue light, and protect your eyes during screen time.

- 0.34mm Ultra Thin Friendly screen-fits perfectly, easy to store and carry around.

- Frame with Specially Designed Adhesive Install easily without bubbles, and residue-free after removal.

- Strong Durability Made from high quality PET film material.


- MacBook Air (M1,2020):  A2337

- MacBook Air (2020):  A2179

- MacBook Air (2019):  A1932

- MacBook Air (2018):  A1932

- MacBook Pro (M1,13",2020):  A2338

- MacBook Pro (13",2020):  A2251/A2289

- MacBook Pro (13",2019):  A1989/A2159

- MacBook Pro (13",2018):  A1989

- MacBook Pro (13",2017):  A1706/A1708

- MacBook Pro (13",2016):  A1706/A1708