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SwitchEasy Starfield Case for Huawei P30

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The beautiful and individual quicksand shell is one of the styles of many women's hobbies, but the traditional quicksand shell picture looks good, the actual use is not good-looking, the particles that are always deposited underneath are not beautiful at all, and they are cumbersome and easy to overflow. Liquid, and the possibility of burning, so there is a problem with the aircraft, so we have introduced a product that can completely eliminate the above problems and retain the beauty of the quicksand shell.

Starfield is hand-made, using 3D silver foil plus vacuum dispensing process, always maintaining the best 3D quicksand shape, each one is unique, we believe that the universal flat pattern cannot make amazing results, 3D The three-dimensional shape is not acceptable to anyone, so the real 3D natural material can also make the visual moment 3D stereoscopic while maintaining the flat feel. The beauty of this real material is definitely far better than all the printed patterns on the market Beauty.


  • Adopting Bayer TPU material in Germany, the highest standard in the industry.
  • Flowless sand with no liquid ingredients, always the most beautiful state.
  • A combination of three-dimensional foil and glitter for a more attractive 3D vision.