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RhinoShield Mod NX Case for Apple iPhone 12 / 12 Pro 6.1"

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RhinoShield Mod NX gives you the flexibility of switching backplates to suit the season or occasion. Pop out a backplate and replace it with a rim and you've got a bumper case.

Challenging the Limits of Modular Case - Mod NX

Last September we released our first modular case - the Mod. It was not only a brand new experience for our users but also a brand new attempt for us. Thanks to your support, we received effective feedback which gave us insights and inspiration. As part of our ethos of continuous improvement, we started to work on an updated version of modular case design. After almost a year of hard work, we've successfully created the next generation of Mod - Mod NX!

Compared to the first generation Mod cases, we've made some small but significant updates to Mod NX:

Better Fit

The locking mechanism of Mod NX is different from that of the first generation Mod. We readjusted the ridges / grooves which connect the frame to the rim / backplate. The updated mechanism provides a greater tolerance for the margin of error (of the device it is protecting). As the physical design of the NX series differs from the first generation Mod cases, older Mod accessories are not compatible with NX components and vice-versa (except for removable buttons).

Although it's a subtle structural adjustment, it reduces:

1. The gap at the charging port

2. The gap between the frame and rim on the sides.

Improved Scratch Resistance

When we were developing the first generation Mod cases, we worked hard to avoid harmful chemicals and make it BPA free. It was a challenge for us as most hard plastics (which can be found in the majority of case brands) contain BPA. We succeeded in formulating one of the safest impact-resistant materials, the new ShockSpread material which is 100% BPA free (refer to this blog post for more details). While it is a safer choice for you, the Mod backplate does pick up cosmetic scratches more easily.