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RhinoShield CrashGuard NX compatible for iPhone 14 series

RM 89.00
SKU 4711366104108

RHINOSHIELD CrashGuard NXŸ?? is a bumper case with a difference. With a changeable rim and buttons, you are able to mix and match colors to make the case truly yours. The bumper style case does not cover up the phoneŸ??s back, giving you the choice to enjoy the deviceŸ??s original design or slap on a skin for a personalized look. And of course,

CrashGuard NX offers the same great impact protection youŸ??ve come to expect from RHINOSHIELD.

Military Grade Protection

Our proprietary ShockSpreadŸ?? material provides impact protection of 11 feet (3.5m), despite being 20% thinner than other cases that offer a similar level of protection.

Next Level Customization

New Frame, Rim and Button colors are added to our selection periodically for even greater customization possibilities.

Converts to Standard Case

The CrashGuard NX frame is compatible with Mod NX backplates, which means you can remove the rim and install a backplate to turn your bumper into a standard case with back. Mod NX backplates are sold separately.