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Lightning Cable- MFI- O!tool Lightning Cable (2M) for iPod/iPhone/iPad

by Ozaki
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RM 129.00
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Double Durabiltiy Compare with Standard Lightning Cables! Adopting TENAX Flex-Durable Technology, OZAKI O!tool T-cable is 2.5 times more durable when compared with standard lightning cables. It is premium quality finished with a tenaciously twistable woven polyester jacket, creating superb strength and durability and is perfect for all office and household applications.??

O!tool??T-Cable??giving you a 250% longer-lasting USB Cable with High Speed transfer capabilities for on-the-go Lightning device users.??

250% Stronger Flex-Durable Technology:??
  • The O!tool T-Cable is the worlds first Apple MFi Certified, ultra long lasting TenaxTM USB-to-Lightning cable, when put to the test T-Cable was able to survive being swing 5000 times in the heavy duty flex test, meaning that T-Cable is 250% stronger than standard Lightning cables.??

USB 2.0 High Speed:??
  • Built to USB 2.0 High Speed specifications allowing for file transfers of up to 480 mega bits per second.??

Lightning Connector:??
  • Being the worlds first Apple MFi Certified, ultra long lasting TenaxTM, USB to lightning cable, you can be assured that the O!tool T-cable is perfect for your Apple Lightning device.