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LAUT Liquid Glitter Case for Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max 6.7"

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Everyone needs some 'SPACE'
Made from durable materials, SPACE protects your iPhone from any potential shocks. floating glitter and moving elements flowing around the case represent the zero-gravity environment you'd find SPACE. Floating plants, Astronauts, UFOs, and even Glow in the Dark Aliens! You never know what you might find in SPACE.
Escape to another dimension with SPACE.

-Liquid Effect
-Glow in the Dark Elements
-Shock Resistant
-Qi Wireless Charger Compatible

-Soft thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) & hard polycarbonate (PC)

Liquid Glitter Effect
-featuring moving elements that flow around the case as you tilt it.?˜
Glow in the Dark Elements
-No space case would be complete without some glow in the dark Aliens!?˜
Shock Resistant
-Made from durable materials, SPACE is shockproof, protecting your iPhone from bumps and knocks.?˜
Compatible with Wireless Chargers?˜
-Designed with wireless charging in mind, this SPACE iPhone case is thin enough to be compatible with LAUT QiŸ?? Base Wireless charger or other wireless chargers in the market. Keep your case on while wireless charging your iPhone.