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LAUT Crystal Matter (IMPKT) Tinted with MagSafe compatible for Apple iPhone 13 series

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CRYSTAL MATTER - TINTED SERIES now with built-in MagSafe compatibility. This is the ultimate protective and yet minimal iPhone case that will make charging with MagSafe a breeze.

Magnets on the inside of the case work together with your MagSafe charger allowing you to charge your phone more quickly, and simply snap on your MagSafe charger making it more effortless than ever. Open up the world of MagSafe accessories while still protecting your case as much as possible.

By utilizing our proprietary shock proof IMPKT Cell TechnologyŸ??, CRYSTAL MATTER is able to deliver grade-A drop protection while maintaining an incredibly slim profile.

Featuring an uber stylish speckled frame, and an anti-scratch back, all while still offering significant protection against drops and knocks.

*MagSafe Charger not included.

MagSafe Compatibility

Magnets inside the case work together with the MagSafe charger to allow you to charge your iPhone faster, snap on your MagSafe charger, and access to a new ecosystem of MagSafe accessories.

IMPKT Cell TechnologyŸ??

Made using bespoke impact resistant materials and engineering, our proprietary IMPKT Cell TechnologyŸ?? dissipates impact away from your device, delivering industry leading protection.

20ft./6m Impact Protection

Designed to survive, CRYSTAL MATTER protects your iPhone from drops up to an incredible 20ft./6m while retaining a refreshing slim profile.

Easy Grip Frame

By utilizing an ergonomic wave design on the outer frame, your iPhone stays where it should - in your hand.

Tactile Buttons

Chosen for their durability and responsiveness, these machined aluminum buttons deliver a satisfying tactile response click after click



  • Thermoplastic Polyurethane Frame (TPU)
  • Anti-scratch Polycarbonate (PC)
  • Machined Aluminum Buttons
  • MagSafe Compatible Magnets

Material Composition:

  • PC 48%, TPU 46%, Aluminium 2%, Magnet 3% , PVC 1%