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JCPAL Adobe illustrator Protector for MacBook Air & Pro 13" & 15" (Multicolor)

by JCPAl
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RM 99.00
SKU 6954661835935
Ultra-thin protection for your MacBook
At only 0.3mm thick, the ultra-thin and form-fitted VerSkin??? creates a barrier over the keyboard, protecting it from liquids, dust and debris.

Color-coded shortcuts
The helpful color-coded shortcut guide is printed directly on the keyboard protector, making it easy to memorize the most useful shortcuts for Illustrator and increase your efficiency.

Microban?? antimicrobial treatment
Built-in Microban?? protection kills 99.95% of microbes and prohibits their proliferation during the products lifetime. VerSkin??? can even be washed in lukewarm water multiple times without removing the antimicrobial protection.


Eco-friendly materials
Made from durable eco-friendly thermoplastic polyurethane, the VerSkin??? decomposes naturally without producing odor or toxins so it won?ƒ?ª?t harm the environment.

Macbook Air 11/13 & Macbook Pro 13/15/17