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Inuteq Bodycool Hybrid Anthracite

by Inuteq
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The Bodycool Hybrid cooling vest is created for multiple sport purposes and commonly used as PRE-COOLING vest by Athletes, in combination with INUTEQ-PAC bio-based PCM packs (to be ordered separately).

This INUTEQ-H2O evaporate?˜cooling vest is lightweight and easy to (re-)activate. Fast, easy & effective. Water based cooling for warm and active conditions.

a. ?˜As a Vest only, this product performs best in low to medium humidity conditions. The level of airflow will determine the cooling effect. Wearing this vest allows you to avoid heat stress and remain comfortable. Cooling up to 8 hours.

b. ?˜Combined with INUTEQ-PAC bio-based Phase Change Material inserts maintain a comfortable temperature (PAC temperatures are: 6.5Ÿ??, 15Ÿ??, 21Ÿ??, 24Ÿ?? & 29Ÿ??) for up to 4.5 hours depending on PAC. Can be used in high humidity and warm temperatures.

How to activate the Vest only (INUTEQ-H2O)?

Activation is straight?˜forward: soak the vest in water for maximum 2 minutes and gently squeeze out the excess water. Your vest is ready to wear, instantly providing evaporate?˜cooling for up to 8 hours, depending on the ambient temperature, airflow and humidity. Note that the vest is not to be worn under suit, as it requires airflow.

1. Soak in water 1-2 mins

2. Squeeze out excess water

3. Ready to wear

How to activate the INUTEQ-PAC?

You can either place the PAC into ice water, refrigerator or freezer or simply store it at a lower temperature until it becomes solid. ?˜INUTEQ-PAC 4 different temperatures can be added into the vest:


Outer material: 100% cotton.

Core: INUTEQ-H2O superabsorbent cooling fabric with antibacterial treatment.

Liner: Polyester.

Pockets: Polyester mesh

Closure: Front opening zipper.

?£ Antibacterial and machine washable

?£ Easy to use and re-use

?£ Lightweight, non-toxic & durable

?£ Provides up to 15Ÿ?? cooling relief below ambient temperature?˜

?£ up to 8 hours of cooling effect (Vest only)

?£ CE-marked