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Nomad Hub Charger 5 Devices

by Nomad
RM 349.00
SKU 855848007281

Sleek Design

Capable of charging 5 devices at once, we created a hub that wirelessly charges your phone, while having 4 extra ports underneath, that fits in with your modern home. Now you can charge your headphones, iPad, bike lights, and power bank, all at the same time, in style.


We designed our hub for clean cable management. Discreetly hidden under its sophisticated top, our HubŸ??s backside houses four USB ports and a cable routing passage. This minimizes the cable clutter on your desk or bedside. To make it extra stable, we added molded steel bars and a rubber base around the bottom, making it stay in place on your desk or bedside.

LED Charging Indicators

LED lights located on the top rim of Hub display whether or not your device is charging or has completed its charge. We hate annoying lights in a dark room, so we took care to add an ambient light sensor that dims the lights in a dark room. Annoying lights while sleeping are the worst.

High Output

  • Wireless top - Max Output: 7.5W
  • USB-C Port - Max Output: 3.0A
  • USB-A Port - 2.1A output, for fast charging another phone or iPad
  • USB-A Ports - 2X 1A outputs, for your Airpods, Apple Watch, bike lights, or other USB charging devices.

A sophisticated wireless charger with a multi-port USB charging hub underneath. Capable of charging up to 5 devices at once and designed to blend into your homeŸ??s decor. Discreetly hidden under its matte rubber top, HubŸ??s backside houses four high-powered USB ports and a cable routing passage for clean cable management.

  • Wireless charging compatible with Qi enabled devices.
  • Powers up to 5 devices.
  • High power output.
  • LED charging indicators.
  • Ambient light sensor dims LED's at night.
  • USA, EU, UK plug style: 110-240V.
  • AirPods can wirelessly charge with AirPods Wireless Charging Case.


Soft matte rubber top

Polycarbonate housing

Molded TPE footing

Steel inserts for added stability


Max output of 30W

Wireless Top: Max output 7.5W

USB-C Port: High speed 3A output

USB-A Ports: One high-output 2.1A and two standard 1A USB ports (designed for Apple Watch, Airpods, or wireless mice)

LED charging indicators

1.2 meter cable from wall power source

USA, EU, UK plug style: 110-240V

AU adapters will be included with orders to Australia and New Zealand


Works with all Qi enabled devices

Works with AirPods Pro and AirPods with Wireless Charging Case

Note: do not charge your phone wirelessly with a steel plate or magnetic back, this may cause rising temperatures and may damage your devices.

USB Ports

Compatible with all iPhones and iPads.

Compatible with all Android phones and tablets.

Compatible with all USB powered devices.