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OneAdaptr Flip Quad World Adapter

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SKU 836528004202
FLIP QUAD WORLD gives you 5.0A QUAD USB charger and world connectivity, all in an 18mm / 0.7inch design. Conquer the world without giving up any precious storage space!

Contents of this product bundle:

  • FLIP QUAD 5.0A Dual USB Charger
  • US/AU Plug Add-On
  • EU Plug Add-On

Ideal for:

  • All tablets
  • All smartphones
  • MP3 players
  • Most small USB-charged devices
Four USB Chargers
Max 5.0A High Output
Auto Release
18mm Thin
Protective Covers Keep Metal Pins from Damaging Other Devices

AC Input Power: 100 ~ 240Vac
AC Max. Output Power: AC 125V ~ 3A / AC 250V ~ 3A
USB Input Power: 100 ~ 250 Vac
USB Max. Output Power: 5 Vdc ~ 5.0??A
Worldwide Patent Pending

Product Material: PC/ABS
Product Dimensions (FLIP QUAD): L:48 x W:18 x H:108 mm / L:1.89 x W:0.70 x H:4.25 in
Product Dimensions (US/AU Plug Add-On): L:52 x W:22 x H:78 mm / L:2.05 x W:0.86 x H:3.07 in
Product Dimensions (EU Plug Add-On): L:35 x W:14 x H:41 mm / L:1.38 x W:0.55 x H:1.61 in
Product Weight: 117 g / 0.26 lb / 4.13 oz
Packaging Weight: 194 g / 0.43 lb / 6.84 oz