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Catalyst Carabiner & Crux Attachment for Apple iPhone 12 Series Cases

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Hook on to your Lifestyle?˜

Looking for an accessory that?˜can hook on?˜to your hectic schedule? Slick, stylish, and practical, the premium carabiner and attachment (and a spare in case you lose it!) delivers peace of mind -?˜ it never touches your screen. Your phone is easily within reach no matter what your day brings.?˜?˜

Compatible with the Crux Attachment System

The Catalyst Lanyard is compatible with?˜the unique Crux Attachment System on Catalyst Vibe and Influence cases. This?˜innovative four-point attachment system provides endless possibilities to strap, clip, and hang your iPhone.?˜

NOTES: Each Catalyst Influence and Vibe Series case is sold separately. Each Crux Attachment System bundle is sold separately