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Banbao Blocks for MECH II

by Banbao
RM 49.00
SKU 6974387591557
Item No
BanBao products use ABS environmental protection material, better ensure product safety, with colorful and creative design.

In the process of assembling the different parts of the building blocks, kids can learn how to focus patiently on the things they like, and they can also develop their hand-eye coordination, logical thinking, and creativity.

Product Features

1. stands out from the competition for its exceptionally high quality.
2. high-temperature resistance.
3. splicing is very stable, edge smooth.
4. Excellent wear resistance anti-skid.
5. Fully compatible with other brands.

Model: MECH II

Item Number: 6316
Block Pieces: 351 pieces

Item Number: 6317
Block Pieces: 296 pieces